Specialty canes and novelty walking sticks unique western gifts
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bull canes, bull organ canes, bull penis cane buffalo cane, reproductive organ cane
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cowboy gifts, western style canes by Ross Taylor
animal products, bull and buffalo walking sticks
Specialty canes and novelty walking sticks
unique western gifts
bull canes, bull organ canes, bull penis cane
buffalo cane, reproductive organ cane
cowboy gifts, western style canes by Ross Taylor animal products, bull and buffalo walking sticks
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What makes our products so unique?

Each of our canes, putters and jogging buddies are made from the reproductive organ of an American Buffalo or Domestic Bull. Yes, you heard it right... Just click on one of the buttons to the left to start viewing some of our products.

cowboy gifts, western style canes by Ross Taylor

Toll Free: 1-888-532-9800 Toll Free: 1-888-532-9800

ALL of our products are made from the reproductive organ of an American buffalo or a domestic bull and that's NO BULL! A 5/16" steel rod is inserted from tip to tip. These products are extremely durable, built to use and last a lifetime.

animal products, bull and buffalo walking sticks
Specialty canes and novelty walking sticks
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